Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Learning for the "Google Generation"

Here's the article of the day:

The article discusses those born after 1993 as the"Google Generation" (aka Net Generation, Millennials, etc.):

"This generation appears to be a discrete segment, and companies are grappling with how to best attract, develop and retain them as they prepare for their looming entry into the workforce. As companies debate this, one of the first issues they will deal with is setting a policy regarding allowing access to social networking sites at work. There is some evidence suggesting the Google generation will demand access to social networking sites in the office.


"Deloitte has come up with the innovative idea of hosting an employee film festival where employees submit creative videos, titled “What’s Your Deloitte?”, as a way of encouraging new hires to make short films that express their vision of the firm’s culture and values. Then, the best of these short films are posted to YouTube."

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