Monday, May 12, 2008

Retiring Boomers and A New Collaboration Web Site

Almost every day, I receive several news articles via Google Alert based on some key search terms like "Generations in the Workforce" or "Government and Wikis." I also belong to several listservs, such as NextGov and GovExec. I scour these multiple resources to make them available in one convenient place. Here is today's round-up of relevant headlines:

1. Retirement Rate Could Begin to Affect Service Delivery: A nonprofit organization warned this week that if federal agencies do not move quickly to recruit new employees and retain experienced ones, impending retirements could affect the services Americans receive from government.

2. Study Documents Baby Boomers' Plans for Working in Retirement: "A succession of surveys over the past decade makes plain the plans of a new generation of older Americans to keep working. Most of this research reveals that four of five boomers are expecting to continue working at the point when earlier generations moved to the sidelines," according to the MetLife Foundation/Civic Ventures New Face of Work Survey.

3. NAPA Launches Collaboration Web Site: If you've ever wished your federal agency could adopt wikies, use You tube or delve into the virtual world but feared the security, technology and political barriers were to high to overcome, take heart. You've got support, and they have success stories.

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