Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Boomers Eligible, But Not Really Retiring

Two out of three Boomers say that they may never retire.

Another 60% plan to cycle between periods of work and relaxation.

Surveys conducted by MetLife, Harvard and AARP offer us these statistics. In the Federal sector, although nearly 1 million Boomers are eligible to retire between now and 2016, the impending tsunami may not be the crisis that we envision.

In fact, an article in the Northeast Pennsylvania Business Journal reinforces the notion that Boomers won't really retire...that they have several reasons for staying versus starting a life of leisure.

Warning to Gen X and Millennials: if you intend to move into vacated positions sometime soon, you had better begin to learn from the people that plan to return to the office after submitting their formal resignation. Although Boomers may not remain on the full-time payroll, they will be sticking around in other ways...which just may be a benefit to you and your organization.

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