Thursday, June 19, 2008

Facebook's Increasing Prominence

In the last week alone, I have learned about four situations where Facebook is being used as a forum for information distribution:

1. National Highway Institute: A training officer from NHI attended my "Wikis and Webcasts and iPods" presentation at the TOC Institute back in April. Within a month, they created DOT's first presence on Facebook.

2. Department of Labor: I was giving a presentation for the Industry Action Council last Thursday and learned that a group of interns at the Department of Labor decided to create a Facebook page to organize their communication and networking over the summer and beyond. In fact, I spoke with three of them today and found out that they are conducting a survey among the Millenial interns...stay tuned.

3. American Red Cross: According to the article: "Facebook is but one of the Web 2.0 and social media tools the nonprofit is relying on to help relay information to storm victims and Red Cross volunteers in areas affected by the natural disasters."

4. American Federation of Government Executives: AFGE produced MySpace and Facebook pages to educate young voters about their rights. "College students will account for a large portion of the voting population this election year. Most of them are new voters, making them easy to deceive," said Andrea Brooks, national vice president of Women's and Fair Practices. "It is our objective to have more of these students successfully cast a ballot."

Every week, more and more organizations are waking up to the possibilities of Web 2.0.

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