Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Study: Four-Day Work Week is Optimal

I have seen a few different stories about this study by a couple Brigham Young researchers. It seems that a four-day work week led to a 60% increase in productivity and customers reported better service. The employees liked it better, too!

Then the article makes the connection to the next generation of employees:

(Professor Rex) Facer said the so-called millennial generation, which is now entering the workforce, is very interested in having their time to themselves. Older generations perceived certain times during the week as work time, regardless of whether a family event was happening at the same time. The millennial generation, on the other hand, is more likely to take off time during the day for a child's baseball game or take off a Friday for family time.

"They have a very different expectation than did older generations on the separation of work and family," Facer said.

Many government agencies already allow employees to work according to 4 days/10 hour per week 'flex-time' arrangements. This study lends strong support for the idea.

Look out! Once Gen X and Millenials take over the reins, all of us may enjoy three-day weekends!

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