Friday, September 5, 2008

Web 2.0 Presentation for Texas State CPM

I delivered a webinar on Web 2.0 yesterday for about 15 participants in the Texas State Certified Public Manager program. If you are one of those participants (and even if you are not!), thanks for visiting my blog! The slides from the presentation are found below:

You may also read this document on Scribd: Tex State CPM - Web 2 0 - Sep 4, 2008
I am open to fielding any questions that arise after you review the slides and Resource Guide.

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Davo said...

Hello Andrew, I was one of the participants in the class and wanted to let you know that your presentation was very interesting. I am a younger 'boomer' who has pretty much missed out on the social networking phenomenon. Consider me a late bloomer but everything you presented was news to me. The "trip" across Second Life was amazing and really showed me how much catching up I have to do. It would be great for people like myself to have guide or coursework for getting caught up with the true millenials. The net has become so huge that it is simply overwhelming when trying to determine where to start and then proceed. I am really enjoying the Generation Shift website and the entire "generational diversity" topic. Thanks again, David G.