Tuesday, December 2, 2008

"Generation C" - A New Name for Millennials?

I was just about to post a PowerPoint on Gen X and the Millennials over at SlideShare and came upon this impressive and informative deck that I thought you'd enjoy:

UPDATE on 12/3: I decided to add my own slides that I used for a presentation at the Mid-Atlantic Telework Advisory Council (MATAC) annual event a couple months ago:

Whatever you want to call this generation or the mentality of early social media adopters, we/they are demanding to be treated differently based on their preferences and proficiencies.


Anonymous said...

My understanding is millennials chose their name, not anyone else; so I don't foresee Generation C going vogue.

That said, your deck here reminds me of a recent blog post of mine: Describing Social Media in 68 Words Beginning with C.

Andrew Krzmarzick said...

Hi Ari,

Millennials, Generation X, Boomers, Veterans - whatever you call the generations, it seems that sociologists and similar folks give them these "official" names. The "Generation C" moniker is a self-designation from a member of that generation. While the common definitions are helpful for discussion and training (which I do on this subject), the fact that you and this other member of Generation C (which is more a mentality than an age cohort) are using "C" words to describe social media and those who use it is noteworthy.

In fact, what I REALLY like about the slide show is that it allows for people up to 35 to be considered part of this "Generation C", while a more traditional cut-off is 28 years old (those born after 1980). I think social media is creating a hybrid generation among Gen X and Millennials that crosses artificial age boundaries.

Thanks for your thoughts.