Tuesday, February 10, 2009

More Than 25 Tabs Open, Thanks to Twitter!

I've been having the problem of my Flock browser crashing a lot lately. Maybe it's because I have more than 25 tabs open with links that I wanted to read from folks on Twitter and my travels across the Web. If you find yourself perched on a stream of tweets all day, you know what I mean.

"Oh, I'll get to that later," you say to yourself. Before long, you find yourself, like me, with scores of must read material awaiting your attention.

Well, congratulations! You are about to become the beneficiary of my more than 25 Tabs because I've got to close and re-load my browser...and I don't know if I want to social bookmark them all. So here's what I've been meaning to read (which you can check out for yourself now):

1. How Government Is Using Social Media to Respond to Citizens

2. InnovGov: A Series of Workshops and Events

3. NextGov's Top 5 Government Websites

4. Federal Agencies and Web 2.0 (from the Sunlight Foundation)

5. Metagovernment - I'll leave it at that and spur your curiosity

6. Decatur, Georgia - Ready to Enter the Virtual Realm

7. Government 2.0 Wiki (started by Mike Kujawski) - been meaning to fill it in...feel free to help.

8. Forrester Website Review Tools

9. Europeana - a huge collection of all things European (think online museum)

10. Benchmarking eGov in Web 2.0 - David Osimo's EU Perspective on Gov 2.0

11. Benchmarking eGov - The White Paper - Also by David Osimo

12. eSpeakers - Just in case I really decide to make the leap!

13. National Speaker Association - yeah, I'm really thinking about hitting the circuit one day.

14. Executive Speakers Bureau - so I had a bee in my bonnet on a particular afternoon and envisioned myself as the next Zig Ziglar!

15. 60 Second Communications - my top secret, multi-million dollar project builds on these tips.

16. Dorobek Insider's Introduction of GSA CIO Casey Coleman

17. Public Service Careers - ASPA's Response to USAJobs

18. GovExec Story on Young Employees, Pay and Performance

19. Benchmark for Obama's Web 2.0 Vision

20. Business Week on Social Media Analytics

21. Social Media Classroom - New Web 2.0 Platform for Education

21. Open Gardens Blog - Ajit Jaokar in the UK talks about Policy Bloggers

22. Web 2.0: A Strategy Guide
- A book I am thinking about buying.

23. Social Media Metrics
- a search on Jeremiah Owyang's blog

24. In the Public We Trust - a Gallup/Partnership for Public Service Survey

25. Ready.gov - eliciting videos from average Americans about emergency preparations

26. IPMA HR Speakers Bureau - goes along with the speaking stuff above.

27. LinkedIn Entry about Boomers Retiring (or Not?)

What have you been reading?

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Anonymous said...

I followed the Metagovernment link and ended up with about 15 more tabs open. That idea kicks ass!