Tuesday, March 3, 2009

How a Twitter Troop Vanquished the Trojan Vundo

When I speak to people about Twitter either in person or at my Web 2.0 workshops, I think they are always a bit skeptical about the value of Twitter. I tell them that Twitter is my water cooler as a full-time remote teleworker. I tell them that I met @ariherzog (via a recommendation by Chris Brogan, whom I met on LinkedIn) there, which led to co-presenting a workshop at the Social Media for Government conference and the creation of a valuable survey for public sector personnel across the planet. Well now I have another story: "How a Twitter Troop Vanquished the Trojan Vundo."

Let me set up the situation. Last Thursday, I spoke at a "Telework in a Box" event sponsored by the Telework Exchange and Adobe. In an effort to continue to experiment with social media tools, I recorded my voice over the slides and attempted to download a "Power Point to Video conversion program" so that I could upload it to Vimeo and YouTube. Well, the download infected my computer with a nasty virus - it appeared to be a Trojan.Vundo. I know, I know, the download was really dumb and I shouldn't have done it - lesson learned!

I tried to use my Spybot - Search and Destroy to eliminate it. No luck. Next, I deployed Malwarebyte's Anti-Malware. It kept freezing, most likely due to the virus. Then my search on the Web led me to PC Tool's Spy Doctor, which cost $30. That didn't work either.

That's when I mobilized a small army of concerned and caring Twitizens, who immediately started re-tweeting my issue across Twitterdom. Within minutes, I had received several helpful recommendations. Here's the list of helpful tips:

1. @gkrew: "Check http://tiny.cc/d9NfQ for help with Vundo Trojan"

2. @ariherzog:"I use an open source antivirus checker for Windows via http://clamwin.com"

3. @Aluria_Karone: "Download a program called hijackthis and remove it from there then scan with pctools virus scan cnet.com has a lot of info on it"

4. @ericagee: "Here are some tips on BadwareBusters http://badwarebusters.org/search?search[q]=vundo&commit=Search"

5. @dslunceford: "I've found this board helpful in cleaning stuff off of an infected machine: http://www.techspot.com/vb/menu28.html"

6. @dbevarly: Try www.atribune.org and use the vundofix. It worked for me when other programs didn't Good luck. Dan


7. @municibid: "Try combofix I found it to work great for removal many trojan variations http://tinyurl.com/27gkbc - you must rename file tho"

If anyone asks you about the value of Twitter, I am sure you have your own stories about its usefulness. Thanks to the folks above (and people like @ariherzog, who RT'd my issue to their followers), I have another great story that proves Twitter's worth as a key community on the Web.

Onward, Twitter Troops! Is there an enemy or issue that we cannot vanquish together?

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Ari Herzog said...

You asked a question, we answered!

As to something we can vanquish together, how about violence? Maybe the Miss America pageant contestants were on to something all these years in their common desire for world peace.

Twitter Troops can create world peace, right? Harmony, perhaps?