Sunday, March 15, 2009

Meet Me Where I Am!

I follow Chris Brogan's blog and he always impresses me with the way he interacts with his readers. He always encourages people to approach him as a speaker and shares his schedule so that he can connect with folks around the country. Also, one of the first books that I read this year was Never Eat Alone by Keith Ferrazi, who lays out a plan for better networking tactics.

In this spirit of linking with people during my travels, I've listed my upcoming speaking and events:

Mar 20-23: ASPA Annual Conference, Miami, FL, Web 2.0 (3/22) and Generations (3/23)

Mar 24-26: Social Media for Government, Washington, DC, Web 2.0 Metrics with Ari Herzog (3/26)

Mar 27-28: Gov 2.0 Camp, Washington, DC

Mar 30: Department of Commerce Aspiring Leaders Development Program, Washington, DC, Generations

Apr 14-15: Gov 2.0 Bootcamp, Knoxville, TN, Web 2.0 and Social Networks

Apr 26-29: Training Officers Consortium Institute, Williamsburg, VA, Generations with Jean Palmer

May 28: Environmental Protection Agency, Research Triangle Park, Durham, NC, Generations/Web 2.0

May 31-Jun 3: ASTD International Conference, Washington, DC, Generations/"Federal Family Portrait" (6/1)

Jun 10-12: Federal Workforce Policy Forum, Washington, DC, Web 2.0

There's more in the works (like Boston and Philly!), but I wanted to make these dates and locations available. Please let me know if we can connect if our paths cross at any of these places!

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JessieX said...

Good seeing you (again) at #gov20camp today. How lucky we are to have such resources of colleagues, geeks and just overall good people in the local region. Best of everything to you with your speaking gigs. ~ J